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CCVS Meadowbrook Pet Emergency and Specialty Hospital

Veterinary Specialty Hospital in Gainesville, Florida


CCVS Meadowbrook is a locally owned, pet emergency, pet oncology, and pet surgery-focused veterinary care facility offering exceptional care to the pets in our community.  CCVS Tower Hill is the 'sister' location as an outpatient surgical suite where advanced dental care and certain surgical work is performed. We provide surgical treatment options for soft tissue and orthopedic conditions with an emphasis on safe and effective anesthesia and pain management. Our patient-centered approach relies on problem solving, practical experience, evidence-based medicine, and strong communication between the veterinary care teams and pet owners to tailor a surgical treatment plan that meets their specific needs and budget. 


In additional to handling pet emergencies 365 days a year at our Meadowbrook location, we offer a wide variety of general and specialty level surgical procedures with the intention of providing this community a range of options that work for many lifestyles and budgets.  Our surgical focus is on providing safe, effective anesthesia and surgical therapies for soft tissue, orthopedic, and dental disease.  We maximize the use of local anesthesia and nerve blocks to minimize patient discomfort and decrease the doses required for general anesthesia, making anesthesia safer and recovery smoother for our patients and their families. 


We offer an easy scheduling process, extraordinarily comfortable exam rooms, stress-reducing medications, and thoughtful patient handling to keep stress to a minimum.   

Pet Speciality Hospital in Gainesville Florida

We love hearing from our clients!

I took my cat to CCVS Pet Emergency yesterday...we had seen their new building on the 98th Street and wondered what it was...but then Andy got sick and we called. This is by far the VERY BEST EXPERIENCE I have ever had taking a cat into an after hours emergency setting. First, they are No Fear based...and my cat seemed to know that. The room was set up for cats...he strolls out of the carrier and just laid down - he was calm the entire visit...-L.Good

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CCVS Veterinary Consult Room - Stay with your pet

Why us?

Both of our hospitals were designed to feel less like a hospital and very relaxed and comfortable for both you and your pet.  

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