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Emergency Care

For Pets in Distress or Injured

The last thing you want to worry about when your pet is having an emergency is where to take them for urgent care, especially when their life may actually  depend on it!  Whether it’s a pet in extreme pain, and one that has difficulty breathing, the professional staff at CCVS Meadowbrook is ready to help.

Signs That Your Pet Needs Emergency Care

As a pet emergency hospital that is open 365 days a year, these are just some of the reasons that pet's are brought to us for emergency care:


  • Your pet is unconscious or having seizures

  • Your pet is having difficulty breathing, or is choking/gagging

  • Your pet is in pain, or is experiencing extreme anxiety

  • Your pet is unable to urinate or pass a stool

  • Your pet has extreme diarrhea, vomiting, or heatstroke

  • Your pet is injured, bleeding severely, or has been hit by a car

  • Your pet may have eaten something like poison, chocolate, anti-freeze, etc

  • Your pet may have heatstroke, or won't accept water for more than 24 hrs

  • Your pet is behaving unusually, and you know something is wrong

We encourage you to call (352) 225-3501 before bringing your pet to us so that we can best prepare for this visit, or to direct you elsewhere if we are at capacity.  As a small animal hospital in Gainesville, Florida, we accept walk-ins, referrals from other veterinarians, or scheduled appointments–whatever makes sense for your pet’s needs.  If you or your veterinarian would benefit from speaking directly with one of the doctors on staff, please let staff know immediately so that we can do our best to accommodate this request.  


In addition to a comfortable and welcoming facility equipped with 3 surgical suites, digital radiology, and ultrasound, we also have high flow oxygen therapy, oxygen chambers, laparoscopy, and thoracoscopy.  This locally-owned emergency animal hospital was designed to help make your unexpected (and stressful) pet experience into a better than expected experience.  

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