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Mini-Arthrotomy and

This procedure is one of several surgical therapies that may be recommended to address a CCL Injury.

Meniscal Tear Labeled.jpg

What is the purpose of a Mini-Arthrotomy and Meniscectomy?

The goal of this procedure is to remove a major source of pain in many dogs with cranial cruciate ligament injury, the torn medial meniscus.

How is a Mini-Arthrotomy and Meniscectomy done?

Mini-arthrotomy and meniscectomy surgery involves accessing the knee joint through a small incision to remove the damaged portion of the meniscus.

What are some of the benefits or challenges?

This procedure can dramatically improve patient comfort, but does not correct the instability in the knee. For this reason, rehabilitation is highly recommended after surgery to strengthen the muscles and lesser stabilizers around the knee in the absence of the cranial cruciate ligament.

This procedure is ideal for dogs with less active lifestyles and dogs unable to tolerate 6-8 weeks of strict rest following surgery. This procedure is also a great option for pain relief in instances where TPLO surgery is cost prohibitive. 


  • E-collar at all times for 2 weeks, until skin incision check.

  • Only mild postoperative activity restriction is recommended:

  • leash walks only for 2 weeks after surgery

  • Monitor the incision for signs of swelling, pain, or discharge.

  • Pain medication will be prescribed.

  • Medical management(LINK) is continued after surgery to maximize patient outcomes and support long-term joint health.

  • Like humans, animals benefit from post-operative rehabilitation exercises. You can perform some exercises at home, or have your pet seen by a veterinary rehabilitation clinic to strengthen muscles and speed recovery.                              

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